About Life on Westerly Creek

Welcome to Life on Westerly Creek. My name is Ruth Grindeland and I love food. I really love food. All kinds as long as it’s vegetarian with the occasional seafood. (I just can’t pass up scallops.)

My food preferences are like yin and yang… most of the time I lean towards fresh and healthy. I prefer to eat vegan in those instances. However on the other extreme, I love decadent baked goods which include lots sugar, cream and butter. I have stopped trying to fight it and just accept that 80% of my diet is good and 20% is indulgent. To view any of my recipes you can click here.

I started my blog, Life on Westerly Creek started out of grief and boredom. Grief, because I just said goodbye to my sweet beagle Hankie-Poo. In my sadness, I binge watched nine seasons of The Great British Baking Show. A couple of season’s into the binge, I thought, I want to bake that. Boredom, because I said goodbye to Hankie-poo 4 months in the COVID pandemic. During this time, I saw no end to the pandemic anytime soon and I decided to start a new hobby, blogging.

On the personal side…

I live in Denver Colorado with my husband and our sweet little beagle Ella. I have three step-children and two grand kids. Cooking for my family is one of my favorite things to do. Lucky for me they are always very kind when things do not go as planned.

During the day, I work for a school district. I feel absolutely blessed to have my job and to call my co-workers dear friends. Also, I am the rare Colorado native, I absolutely love Colorado and everything about living in this beautiful state. From skiing, to hiking, to just our blue skies. Colorado is amazing.