About Life on Westerly Creek

Welcome to Life on Westerly Creek. My name is Ruth Grindeland and I love food. No, I really love food. All kinds as long as it’s vegetarian (ok, I do eat seafood sometimes. I just can’t pass up scallops). My food preferences might seem somewhat confusing… most of the time I lean towards fresh and healthy. I prefer to eat vegan in those instances. However on the other extreme, I love decadent foods that includes lots sugar, cream and butter. I have stopped trying to fight it and just accept that 80% of my diet is good and 20% is not so good.

I started my blog, Life on Westerly Creek started out of grief and boredom. Grief, because I just said goodbye to my sweet beagle Hankie-Poo. In my sadness, I binge watched The Great British Baking Show. A couple of season’s into the binge, I thought, I want to try baking some of those recipes. Boredom, because I said goodbye to Hankie-poo 4 months in the COVID pandemic. During this time, I saw no end to the pandemic anytime soon and I decided to start a new hobby, blogging.

I live in Denver Colorado with my husband and our sweet little beagle Ella. I have three step-children and two grand kids who I love cooking and baking for. During the day, I work for the school district and I feel absolutely blessed to have my job and to call my co-workers dear friends. Also, I am the rare Colorado native, I absolutely love Colorado and everything about living in this beautiful state.