Great British Baking Show – Super Fan

In early July we said goodbye to our sweet beagle Hankie Poo.  I was crushed.  I remember sitting on the couch and surfing the channels, but all the shows sounded so heavy and I wanted something lighter.  Than I decided to tune into The Great British Baking Show.  I had seen the title for years on Netflix, but I had zero interest in a baking show.   However given my other options I thought I would give it a try.   

Fast forward two months  I have now watched all the seasons and realize that in America we have very little exposure to a variety of deserts.  We normally like cake, cookies, brownies,  the occasional custard and a couple of different pies.  That about sums up the American pallet.  Wanting to expand my skills, I have decided to bake my way through the Great British Baking Show.  I figure it will take me a few years, but I am in no hurry, I want to enjoy the journey and hopefully be able to share it with friends and family along the way.  However before I get started I wanted to layout a couple of ground rules:

  • No fruit cake, EVER.  Call it by a fancy name, but it’s still fruit cake and I won’t do it:)
  • All recipes will be vegetarian.  If it requires an animal product I will try to find a substitute.  If I can’t find a substitute than i will not bake it.     
  • Meringue, maybe.  I will try it.  But I can’t promise I will make all of them.
  • If there is a massive challenge where multiple things are baked, I will probably only bake one or two.
  • Phyllo dough challenge, again maybe.  That might be too much rolling:)
  • No cooking time constraints.  Remember, this is for fun.
  • I will bake when I have time.  But I imagine it will be about 1 – 2 a month.  I am not in a hurry.
  • My husband will be the main judge (he is dying to judge pasty like Paul Hollywood) and when I share it with others they will also judge. 

​That’s it for now.  I need to get baking.  Season 1, Episode 1, Challenge 1 is a cake.  I am working on a Tres Leche Cake with Mango Cream.  I will post soon.

4 thoughts on “Great British Baking Show – Super Fan

    1. Thank you! I am having fun learning about all the different types of baking. Next up is biscuits. I honestly never thought of making them.

      I totally agree with your daughter. I have been saying I wish she could adopt me. She seems like a national treasure.

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