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Bread Bowl filled with Butternut Squash soup topped with maple candied walnuts.

Delicious Bread Bowl Recipe – Perfect for Soup!

Using Paul Hollywood’s Cob Recipe, you can create 2 – 4 soup worthy bread bowls! These bread bowls are perfect for soup on a cold day, or really any day!

Chocolate Macarons with Espresso

Chocolate Macarons — with Espresso — So Good!

Chocolate macarons with espresso are melt in your mouth nuggets of French perfection, even if they are not perfect looking!
This recipe and instructions are perfect for beginners. I am a beginner too and you can learn from my trials and tribulations.

Colorado Style Green Chile

Amazing Colorado Style Green Chile (Chili) Recipe – Spicy!

Colorado style green chile – A rich hearty style of green chile that is slow simmered with fire roasted tomato’s, giving it a flavor that distinguishes it from other versions of green chile.

New Mexico Red Chile Sauce

Authentic New Mexico Red Chile Sauce. This Spicy New Mexico Red Chile Sauce is perfect for eggs, huevos rancheros, burrito’s, stuffed poblano peppers and so much more! I like it on pretty much everything!

Easy Bread Recipe

Easy Bread Recipe

Easy bread recipe. Just mix four ingredients and let the yeast do all the work for you! Bake the bread the next day in a dutch oven for a perfect soft on the inside and crusty on the outside bread!

Perfect Biscuit Recipe

This easy biscuit recipe makes soft fluffy, perfect biscuits in less than 30 minutes. These biscuits are great as is, with gravy, or in pot pie!


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Life on Westerly Creek by Ruth Grindeland and my Sous Chef Kurt Grindeland.
Kurt and Ruth Grindeland

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Hello, welcome to my blog about my life on Westerly Creek. It’s filled with recipes of food I love, mostly vegetarian and vegan with the occasional pescatarian (seafood) recipe.

I have also become hooked on The Great British Baking show and I am trying to bake my way though the show one bake at a time. Follow along as I experience just how different baking is from cooking.

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